Race to a trillion | Financial Times

Leading tech companies have enjoyed surges in market capitalisation, as revenues and profits have powered ahead and investors showed an insatiable appetite for their shares. Apple has become the first listed company to achieve a $1tn valuation, but Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft are not far behind

Race to a trillion | Financial Times

Shares in the ecommerce group have more than doubled in the past 12 months

Dominance of low-margin ecommerce gives it an edge in high-margin ad sales

Vindication for Tim Cook as tech group beats Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet to milestone

Will Apple, Amazon, Microsoft or Alphabet reach the ‘quatro commas’ club first?

Alphabet is closing in on $1tn valuation thanks to a new growth spurt in the core business

With a wider range of services in its surging cloud division, growth is accelerating

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