99-year-old man walks, runs to see hospitalized wife with cancer daily


Published 10:48 AM EDT Sep 7, 2018

99-year-old man walks, runs to see hospitalized wife with cancer daily

The world fell in love with Luther Yonger in August, when we found out the then-98-year-old walks three miles to see his wife in the hospital every day.

Then, he walks three miles home, sometimes in 90+ degree weather. Yonger told Spectrum News in Rochester: “I ain’t nothing without my wife.” He’s been married to his wife, Waverlee, for more than 50 years.

Recently, a CBS reporter joined Yonger on one of his daily treks to see Waverlee and discovered that this Korean War veteran doesn’t just walk every day – he runs.

“He warned me I would have to keep up with him, and I was sure that I could. I wasn't prepared for a man in his 90s to start running, but he did — several times,” reporter Caitlin O’Kane writes.

He even does pushups, she reports.

The devoted husband just turned 99.

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Waverlee is paralyzed and has been battling brain cancer since 2009, Spectrum News reports.

The couple’s only daughter Lutheta said her mother is scheduled to be released from the hospital. She will “live out the rest of her days home,” she said earlier this week in a post on a GoFundMe set up to cover the family’s medical expenses.

There's no doubt that Luther Yonger will be by her side. Every day.

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