Can I turn off notifications from FEMA, Trump?


Published 10:23 AM EDT Oct 3, 2018

Cellphones across the United States will be buzzing in unison Wednesday with a special test message from the Trump administration.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will conduct a test of the national system that allows "presidential alerts" to hit the majority of cellphones. The goal is to warn residents of national emergencies, such as dangerous weather.

The test is scheduled to occur at 2:18 p.m. EDT.

However, some people are not pleased, complaining they don't want to receive any form of alert from the president.

"I don't want this," actress Alyssa Milano tweeted Saturday. "How do we opt out, @fema?"

Unlike emergency alerts and Amber alerts, these presidential alerts cannot be turned off, according to FEMA.

"The Communications Act of 1934 established the authority for the President to use certain private sector communications systems for priority communications, such as sending alert and warning messages to the public, during national emergencies," said FEMA in a FAQ explaining the test. 

The alert will work similarly as an emergency alert or Amber alert, with a notification reaching your smartphone. Users are able to opt out of the emergency and Amber alerts. On the iPhone, for example, users head to Settings, then Notifications. Once there, scroll to the very bottom to turn off the alerts.

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