NRA loved Kanye's Oval Office speech; Everyone else? Not so much


Published 2:59 PM EDT Oct 11, 2018

NRA loved Kanye's Oval Office speech; Everyone else? Not so much

We can all agree with President Trump on at least one thing: Kanye West's rambling, 10-minute speech in the Oval Office on Thursday was "quite something."

The rapper's monologue went over well with the National Rifle Association, who agreed with West on the source of the violence of Chicago.

"#Kanye couldn’t have said it better," the lobbying group said in a tweet featuring a GIF with the headline, 'We agree, 'Ye.' Their post continued, "Illegal guns are the problem, and we have the right to bear arms,"  "The #NRA’s nearly six million members are glad to see a celebrity who gets it, and who is willing to stand with the #2A."

Other people watching West's Oval Office display found less to like.

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith was too depressed by the spectacle to issue his own rant: "Watching @CNN, seeing Kanye at the White House this afternoon was some of the saddest stuff I’ve seen in quite some time. Not gonna go OFF, though. I’m just sad. I’ll leave it to y’all to state the obvious as to why."

"I wouldn't care about Kanye West's public love and admiration for President Trump except for the fact that Trump is going to take Kanye's words as speaking for 'all of the Blacks' and that can't be allowed," political strategist Jasmyne Cannick tweeted. "Kanye West doesn't represent me, what I think or how I feel."

Writer Oliver Willis said it's time for equality when it comes to calling black celebrities out on their idiocy.

"Stop excusing Kanye by invoking mental health," he tweeted. "Just because he's black doesn't mean you can't call him (an idiot) too. Willis added, "If you need permission from a black person to call Kanye dumb, consider this your blessing." 

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