We are hosting the PixelBit IEO, a revolutionary currency for gaming

We are hosting the PixelBit IEO, a revolutionary currency for gaming

The past year has been exceptionally successful for us: we are proud to announce that the LAToken entered the CoinmarketCap’s Top-20 in March 2019.

With currently over $300M of daily turnover, as well as 320+ crypto pairs available for trading, we have attracted more than 300.000 active traders to our platform. With our comparatively low trading and withdrawal fees and we trading pairs added every week, we strived to propose the best conditions for traders on the crypto trading market. More features have been added, the most notable of which the LA DIRECT instant exchange is offering lightning fast transactions, a crypto/fiat gateway as well as a wide array of advanced trading features.

The PixelBit project

We are choosing the projects we decide to host on our IEO platform through a strict due-diligence process and a thorough market assessment. Among the essential criteria, we consider not only the trustworthiness and full legal transparency, but the level of innovation and potential ability to solve a problem. We also conduct strict research on the team members and schedule a meeting with them before we decide to launch their project.

One project has managed to stand out from the crowd by scoring high on all criteria in our assessment scale. We are talking about PixelBit.

PixelBit is an Utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows gamers and game developers to earn passive income while they are gaming or creating games. The project team has created a cross-platform compatible currency that can be used across different game universes — a revolutionary concept that will replace the current in-game currencies that hold no real-world value outside the specific game they are used in.

Unlike most projects in the industry, PixelBit caught our attention because their product has been fully developed, tested and is market-ready. The team has developed a set of development tools that are user-friendly and allow the integration of the PXB currency to the market-leading solutions for game development such as the Unreal and Unity platforms, which hold the biggest market shares for game development.

As part of our assessment process, we conducted due-diligence on the team members of PixelBit and the company behind it, Brandito GmbH. We found out that the company has been performing very well financially over the last years, so we decided to meet with the members of team. The PixelBit team consists of various professionals, all passionate and dedicated towards the accomplishment of their mission. Some of them were scientists, some of the marketing professionals, designers, developers, and all of them had a deep understanding of the gaming industry and its underlying problems, hence the solution they have developed.

For us it was clear — PixelBit scored high on all aspects and proved worthy be included on our IEO platform. We are looking forward to working with the PixelBit team and help them achieve their mission — to make gaming more enjoyable and worthwhile for both gamers and game developers.

Learn more about the project and the upcoming IEO on their website: https://pixelbit.cc

The LA Token IEO platform

In light of recent events, we launched our platform for IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings), which helps potential blockchain projects to acquire funding. An IEO is similar to an ICO, with several considerable differences, most notable of which is the way tokens are minted and how they are sold.

An ICO would send their tokens through their investor dashboards during the token sale and will mint them once the tokens sale has been concluded. The tokens will then be distributed to the investors and will be, in some cases, listed on an exchange to be traded.

As an exchange hosting the IEO, LA Token lists the tokens of the project and assists them in their fundraising endeavours. Unlike with the traditional ICO model, the project tokens are already minted. We are currently hosting 30 IEOs and have successfully managed to raise more than $100M for past IEOs, allowing them to hit their funding targets in just a few days.

An IEO holds significant benefits to potential blockchain projects over the traditional ICO model — first, as a highly experienced medium, the exchange is capable of extensive market insight. Secondly, the exposure we offer to blockchain projects with over 300,000 active traders can hardly be achieved by a new startup, let alone in its early development stages where such popularity is needed the most. Thirdly, blockchain projects can have their tokens listed on an exchange automatically before their launch without having to pay abnormally high listing fees. Last, but not least, a notable exchange will almost always offer a much higher security level than a newly founded project.

Learn more about the project and the upcoming IEO on their website: https://pixelbit.cc

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