Southwest removes flier from plane for yelling N-word at attendant


Published 10:00 PM EDT Oct 1, 2018

Southwest removes flier from plane for yelling N-word at attendant

An "unruly" passenger was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Chicago to Houston after yelling a racial slur at a flight attendant. 

Witnesses say the woman grew upset after the flight attendant asked her to put up her tray table Saturday morning before takeoff, according to ABC 13 and Fox News. 

"Our reports indicate that a Customer refused to comply with our Flight Crew's instructions after boarding and before the flight departed Chicago," Southwest Airlines said in a statement to USA TODAY Monday. "The customer became unruly and verbally abusive toward our flight attendants."

A video recorded by another passenger on the plane shows the woman, who wore a back brace and walked with a cane, shouting the N-word and other expletives at the flight attendant after growing enraged.

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"The decision was made to return to the gate to deplane the Customer, where she was met by local law enforcement officer," Southwest continued. Footage shows fellow fliers cheering as the woman walked off the aircraft.

The outburst prompted about an hour delay. 

"Our employees handled the situation professionally with grace and class, and we do not condone or tolerate such profane and unruly behavior on board our aircraft," the airline said.

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