Howard Stern on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' re-marries wife Beth Stern


Published 8:01 AM EDT Oct 14, 2019

Monday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show" includes a surprise wedding and a "Bachelor" party of sorts. 

The comedian hosted Howard Stern for the first time on her talk show, who just Wednesday re-proposed to his wife, Beth, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

“We’ve been married now 11 years but like within the last two or three years, I said, you know I really do love this woman so much," the radio personality told DeGeneres. "She really has my back, it’s a great marriage. I’m happy, like you and Portia (de Rossi, DeGeneres' wife).

“Maybe even happier than you and Portia. I hear you guys fight,” Stern joked.

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"So, I go on Jimmy’s show, and I thought it would be funny if I proposed to show him how she will turn me down," he recalled. "And, I got on one knee, and I said, ‘Darling, I love you.’ And it was going to be great. It was gonna get big laughs when she turned me down, and she said yes, she would marry me. I don’t know why. That ruined the bit.”

DeGeneres then explained that she knew the couple watches "The Bachelor," and as a special treat, former lead of the dating show Colton Underwood had been ordained in order to perform their vow renewal.

In front of an arch covered with flowers and Underwood, Beth gushed over her husband and had a very important question for him.

"Howard is so romantic. He is the most romantic man," the animal lover said. "Every day, he tells me how beautiful I am. He knows I'm very insecure, and every day, he tells me he wants to remarry me, and I didn't know I was part of a bit that I was supposed to say no yesterday. I'm learning that for the first time today So, do you want to marry me?"

"I so want to marry you," Stern assured her, "and I vow to you, if you remarry me, I promise you for the rest of my life to watch 'The Bachelor' with you, in bed, every single night, and 'Bachelor in Paradise.' "

The two then exchanged vows once more.

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Howard Stern on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' re-marries wife Beth Stern

Taking Beth's hands and dropping to a knee on "Kimmel," last week, Stern told his wife how much she meant to him.

"Darling, you know you have given me the best years of my life. I love you so much. You do so much for animal rescue. You know how I feel about you," he said. "I'm gonna say to you now, in front of all of my best friends (gestures to studio audience), my sweet love, will you marry me again?"

After a simple "yes," the two shared a short peck.

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