An April Fool – Kathleen Clarke Anderson –

April Fools… I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with this because it fell on a Saturday this year. I would not have chalk mushed into the erasers, stuff glued or taped to my desk, things stapled together, all the little jokes middle schoolers can play, and the teacher just goes along with it to let them have their day — it’s all good. After 35 years, I let them think this trick has NEVER been pulled on me and he is the smartest 6th grade boy I have ever met. But, this came from scrolling my Medium feed. I thought I had arrived! One of my favorite writers had said I would get an invite and here it was, he was right! Thank you Mike. And then I read it. I wasn’t being asked because I was a good writer. I was being asked because I was a good reader. I know I’m a good reader. I had been picked to read for Mae Carden back in 1967 when she visited the first grade. Crestfallen, hopes dashed, head sunk to chest and yes, tears formed in the corners of my eyes. Quickly blinking, for God’s sake I said, this is an online writing forum, this doesn’t define you as a person, pull yourself together. I read a book a day — it is part of my job, but I love to read and I don’t sleep much. So, now I can pay my $5 because I’m a good reader. I don’t know what to do. I miss reading some of the people I follow because I’ve been left out. I am still recommending and responding away on my “people” I follow. To pay or not to pay. Respond away.

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