Donald Trump, Republicans aren't to be trusted on health care: Readers


Donald Trump, Republicans aren't to be trusted on health care: Readers

Letter to the editor:

President Donald Trump’s column in USA TODAY on “Medicare for All” is an attempt to fool the entire nation and distract from the repeated sabotage of the Affordable Care Act that he and Republicans continue to push despite their constituents’ loud protests.

From refusing to defend protections for people with pre-existing conditions to expanding junk insurance plans that hurt consumers and don’t even offer coverage of basic services, Trump and the GOP have done everything in their power to undermine the ACA. 

Access to affordable health care is a top concern for voters of both parties ahead of midterm elections, but congressional Republicans and Trump have only worked to undercut that access. Trump’s column isn’t about preserving health care; it’s just another desperate attempt at fear-mongering, as voters repeatedly voice their concerns.

Margarida Jorge, strategic consultant for Health Care For America Now; Washington, D.C.

Talker: Donald Trump knows nothing about Medicare, health care or Democrats

Trump won’t fool us on health care

Letter to the editor:

President Donald Trump’s recent column attacking “Medicare for All” is laughable. Here are the real facts: Since taking office, Trump has done everything in his power to strip health care from millions of hardworking American families and seniors.

Unlike Trump, I’ve actually worked in health care. I know what happens when people go without care. Still today, I see cancer patients struggling to get the care they need. And when it comes to health policy, that’s the lens that my Democratic colleagues and I use. Sadly, for my Republican colleagues, it’s a lens of profits. They are wholly committed to making the most money possible off the sick and dying. 

Trump’s “think piece” is nothing more than a sad attempt to rebrand his and congressional Republicans’ repeated attempts to take health care away from Americans. 

Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Ill., Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Health Braintrust; Washington, D.C.

Thinking like a Republican. Nah.

Letter to the editor:

What will they attack Brett Kavanaugh with next? Parking tickets in his past? Who cares if he allegedly assaulted girls when he was a teen? Stuff happens! 

Before you know it, Democrats will say he committed perjury. Well, he’s a Supreme Court justice now! Kavanaugh is allowed to commit perjury as much as he wants.

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Next thing you know, the evil press and Democrats will say Kavanaugh not answering questions in a federal hearing, while under oath, is contempt of Congress and obstruction of justice. I mean, hello! He’s allowed to violate any laws he wants. So what if a newly confirmed justice is a total liar? That’s not enough to keep him off the most powerful court in the U.S.

This is the last time I try to walk a mile in my opponents’ shoes. I’m going to need to take a hundred showers to wash the Republican mindset off of me.

Mildred Manham; New York

Trump, Republicans needed Kavanaugh

Letter to the editor:

The Federalist Society made it perfectly clear that it had no favorites or preferences among those on the list of judges recommended to President Donald Trump, which means that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was not its first choice or top preference.

It is 100 percent irrational and entirely ridiculous for Trump and the Republicans to have “died on that hill” when it came to Kavanaugh. Surely, somebody else that the Federalist Society recommended would have wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade and been more open to states’ rights on different issues, such as gay marriage and gerrymandering.

But if you believe, as I do, that not only is Trump afraid of special counsel Robert Mueller, but Republicans as a whole are too, you’ll then begin to see that Kavanaugh was needed to protect both Trump and the GOP because Russian collusion probably runs deep and Trump is likely not alone in this. 

Jeremy Levine; Union, N.J.

Trump’s recklessness

Letter to the editor:

In USA TODAY’s article, “Trump says those who made ‘false statements’ about Kavanaugh ‘should be held liable’,” when President Donald Trump states that those who accuse others of sexual assault “can destroy somebody’s life,” the same can be said about the lives of sexual assault victims.

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I wonder whether Trump is thinking about what he is saying, as well as considering the effect his words have on people. I believe there is a chance his words will discourage victims from reporting sexual assault because they may think they will be blamed — and that it will make it harder for people in high positions, as well as anyone in general, to be accused and proven guilty of sexual assault.

Sarah Whittum; San Francisco

Sen. Jeff Flake is still popular with me

Letter to the editor:

I am proud to say I am among the recently reported estimated 30 percent in Arizona who still admire Republican Sen. Jeff Flake. Since Donald Trump’s election, Flake is challenged by our president’s actions. As a lifelong Republican, I wish that more members of my party could make a distinction and praise Trump for his good decisions, but also recognize that much of his behavior is not an example for others.

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Flake is one of the few senior leaders in our party who regularly make this distinction. Honor should be placed above policy, and I thank Jeff for holding Trump’s feet to the fire on issues of honor and integrity.

Roy Miller; Phoenix

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