Kitten glued to roadway rescued by driver on way to work in Salem, Oregon

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Published 8:29 PM EDT Oct 23, 2018

Kitten glued to roadway rescued by driver on way to work in Salem, Oregon

SALEM, Ore. – A kitten stuck in the middle of road – her paws glued to the pavement – was rescued by an alert driver and now has a forever home.

Sticky is her name. She's 5-8 weeks old and weighs 1.3 pounds.

Her new family includes Stewie, an 8-pound Chihuahua, and Jojo, a 115-pound great Pyrenees.

"She's already well-established with the dogs and everybody else," said Chuck Hawley, the hero of this story.

Hawley works as the director of facilities at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. He rescued the gray and white striped kitten during his commute Friday from Silverton to Salem. 

Kitten glued to roadway rescued by driver on way to work in Salem, Oregon

It was about 7 a.m. Ahead of him, he saw cars weaving to avoid something on the road, their tires just missing the object.

It was still dark outside. He couldn't tell if it might have been a box or a sack.

And then, after a truck swerved past the object, he saw the silhouette of what he described as a "kitten emoji."

Hawley slammed on his brakes, stopped traffic, and put his hazard warning lights on. He ignored drivers honking at him while he approached the kitten, which was shaking like a leaf.

"She was meowing and not very happy," said Hawley, who went to work carefully peeling her paws off the pavement.

"Her front feet came off easy, but her back feet were still stuck, so I peeled the glue off the road and took it with us. That was easier."

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Hawley took the kitten to Silver Creek Animal Clinic, where she had her paws soaked in mineral oil and was treated by veterinarian Jenny Bate.

"She was still pretty sticky," Bate said. "She still had quite a bit on her paw pads and stuck between her toes, and her belly and tail were really sticky."

During an examination, Dr. Bate found three small, round puncture wounds under her neck that looked to be a couple days old. It is not known what caused the wounds.

As for gluing an animal to the road, the veterinarian had never seen a case like this.

"It's the worst thing I can imagine," Bate said. "It makes you wonder what would make a person do that. It's just awful."

The response to Hawley's heroics has been overwhelming and humbling.

He's received emails from all over the world, including Australia, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, and England. One of the latest came from an Iraqi news outlet, where permission was requested to translate the story into Arabic.

Coincidentally, he and his wife, Mikee, had talked a couple days earlier about possibly getting another dog because Jojo has cancer, or maybe even a cat. They even joked about how a cat would find them.

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